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I’m on the edge of glory, hanging on a moment with you

I finally graduated. Finally! So here is a look back at my times in high school:

Freshman year:
September 24th: Drug tested
September 26th: Detention
October 31st: Halloween party at chruch
November 13th: Detention
December 11th: Pick up class ring
January 22nd: Failing Biology
January 24th: Cody cut in the bathroom and the jock like guys dragged him out of the bathroom.
February 19th: Cody OD’d.
February 25th: Went to Wendy’s with Shawn, Lindsey, Hope, Ethan, Ashley and Katie.
February 26th: Skipped class with Cody
February 27th: Choir tryouts at 15:30. Joy and Chrissy held an intervention.
February 28th: Was going to commit suicide, however Chris asked me out, so I gave him a chance.
March 1st: Went to Vantage Point with Chris
March 8th: Shawn’s birthday party
March 19th: Dentist appointment
March 27th: Pierced belly button, went to Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon and Styx concert.
April 19th: Watched Prom Night with Chris
May 1st: Skipped class
May 17th: Chris came to singsation party and left super early
May 22nd: Detention
May 24th: Molly and Kaitlyn’s grad party
May 29th: Detention

Sophomore Year:
August 2nd: Chris went to Indiana Beach with Joe where Joe told Chris’s grandparents that we are engaged.
August 6th: Chris back
August 11th: Picked up Tiffany
August 14th: Chris told parents about engagement
August 16th: Told my mom. Ashley’s wedding.
September 1st: Went to Labor Day cook out with Chris and Joe
September 16th: Detention
September 19th: Great Times Youth Lock In with Chris
October 13th: Chris “proposed”
October 15th: Kinda sorta kissed Steve
October 25th: Went to Halloween party.
October 29th: Laser tag.
November 8th: Went to HSM3 with Joy, Chrissy, and Gabby
December 5th: Mr. Gallion’s wife had her baby
December 17th: Chris is bisexual and has been cheating on me.
December 23rd: Chris and Joe had sex again.
January 20th: Obama inauguration.
January 31st: Went to Snowball. Chris didn’t hardly dance with me therefore it was pointless that I even went.
February 14th: Chris and Joe. Again.
February 15th: JJ’s baby shower for Micheal.
February 28th: One year with Chris. JJ gave birth via C-section
March 26th: Lost my cellphone
April 2nd: Went to Brittany’s birthday party
April 6th: Car crashed into school
May 16th: Went to see Obsessed with Kelsey
May 29th: Gallion booted me up to Emerald Suite

Junior Year:
August 4th: Went to Indiana Beach with Chris. Lost virginity.
August 7th: Came home.
August 23rd: Went to see Time Traveler’s Wife.
September 10th: Detention
September 12th: Choreography
September 30th: Horseback Riding
October 9th: McDonalds interview
October 13th: Get work permit
October 14th: McDonalds orientation
October 29th: Went to see Cirque du Freak with Chris
November 4th: Applebee’s lamp fell on my head. Gained a concussion.
November 10th: Detention
January 20th: Dehydrated and low iron = Anemic
February 5th: Matt called me to tell me that I couldn’t work.
February 28th: 2 Years with Chris
April 22nd: Got drivers liscense.
May 1st: SAT Test
May 6th: Broke up with Chris… Violently.
May 8th: Went to Prom and started dating Steve.
May 28th: Went to Cedar Point
June 10th: Went to POTO
June 15th: Left for DUNAMIS!

Senior Year:
June 29th: Started dating Matt
June 30th: Caught trying to go on a date with Matt
July 17th: Matt left for AT
July 29th: Matt came home
August 7th: Left for Pigeon Forge
August 13th: Took Matt’s virginity
August 21st: Spent night with Matt
August 29th: Matt went to hospital
September 17th: Homecoming Parade
September 22nd: Found out about deployment
October 22nd: Dad has cancer.
October 26th; Grandma slipped into coma
November 3rd: Broke Matt’s texting.
November 8th: Saw Mike for first time in forever
November 25th: Matt came over for Thanksgiving.
January 7th: Board Opping
January 19th: EKG, and have to get ultrasounds
January 22nd: Caitlin and Brandy’s party
January 25th: Ultrasound
January 28th: Matt called away to Louisiana
January 29th: Placed silver at ISSMA
February 2nd: ICEPOCALYPSE!!!
February 4th: Picked Caitlin up from Muncie and got Taco Bell chucked at me.
February 10th: Jace’s surgery
February 12th: Picked up Matt from airport!
February 14th: Matt bought me a necklace for Doomsday.
February 19th: Went on a date with Matt to the PX and Applebees.
March 18th: Kaitlyn degraded me.
April 16th: My Pure Romance Party
April 19th: Made prom happen for Jake and Viki
April 28th: Got nails done
May 2nd: Bin Laden killed
May 6th: Friday School
May 7th: Went to Prom with Matt and ate Rally’s. Post prom sucked so we bought Sims 3 instead.
May 26th: Choral Awards Night.
May 29th: Indy 500. Matt lost phone and I got sunburned.
June 2nd: Bomb threat
June 4th: Graduation Party
June 5th: Commencement
June 6th: Went to the zoo.

I was going to…

Rave about the Nintendo 3DS. How awesome it really is. And I might still do that.

Or talk about my upcoming PureRomance party…

How meeting and communicating with Matt’s parents made me feel comfortable today…

Instead I find myself already pissed, and upset.

I am SICK and MOTHER FUCKING TIRED of people deciding that they can choose how MY LIFE is FUCKING LEAD!!!

In the past few months I have been told I am:
Impatient (true)

and shit load of other things by Matt’s “family” of friends.

Let me get this straight.

Because I have goals and thoughts and morals I am all of the above. Riiight. I have sat down, face to face with each person starting shit with me and each time I am ripped a new fucking asshole and I’m just supposed to let it roll of my shoulders.

(Currently I am in an empty lobby, no one around, nothing to eat or drink, and trying not to break into tears because he is also here, but I am so pissed off I feel my face heating up and I feel the tears coming)

Matt’s ideal future is to work all the way up to the deployment and seal up or store his life up in the apartment or a storage unit. He wants to get through it and expects his life will radically change. He expects that he will be some inhuman beast, throughly changed through war. He wants to be completely sure that he will be the same or close to the same person before he can make any choice including the rest of his life including but not limited to;

Becoming more of a manager
Getting an actual house
Going to college

And a lot of other things that I am not entirely sure of yet.

These dogtags are supposed to represent that I am to be a full fledged part of his future.

Now. Here’s my stance:

My number one goal and dream is to be a respected wife and mother. That’s all. I want to graduate, move in to his place and stay there through deployment. I could get a power of attorney or a joint account to pay for the rent because alone I make way too little to support the apartment and my vehicle. Or we could be married, he could put me down as his spouse and all of a sudden a magic thing called BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) will kick in. To recieve BAH you must be active military and it will match your areas normal rent/mortgage payment due to that areas cost of living. Pretty cool huh? The thing is you have to report someone as dependant on you for survival. The BAH is to make up for the income lost due to that family members deployment. Family members this applies to is your spouse, your children and a fellow family member who relies on you for their health care. This family member can also be enrolled in DEERS. Kinda awesome actually.

So I want to be in the apartment, keeping it home for him while he is gone. I want to be there when he comes home. I want to be by his side and yes, I do want that crazy white wedding. But more importantly I honestly want to spend the rest of my life with him.

If the deployment wouldn’t fork things up, around, sideways and backwards… I would be perfectly fine with this waiting. Because everything is forking around, I feel kinda torn.

I feel morally wrong for even thinking of having sex with someone who hasn’t asked me to marry them.
I feel morally wrong for even thinking of living with someone who hasn’t asked me to marry them.

Am I wrong becase this is actually hurting me?

All I need is for him to tell me that I don’t have to wait for long. Thats all I need. But with not knowing when my dreams and my wishes will be fullfilled….

Its like the line thing. They did this scientific expirement. When you know how long you have to wait, you tend to be more willing to wait. When you don’t know you get agitated easily. Its basic human nature in which you as a victim have no control and the person in control has complete control.

I don’t think I’m explaining much but it makes sense to me.

Pure Romance

In the spirit, although passed, of Valentines day, I would like to throw in a well-deserved spot to one of my friends. And with all the news of deployments, its a great idea to stock up on those battery operated boyfriends. Not that anyone complains too much (who can love you more than yourself).

So heres a good, decent list of things on my *wishlist* and a pretty basic description.

To start out, this is Coochy. Its a shaving cream, mostly for your bikini line and those irritating (literally!) bumps. It smells amazing, works great and on top of all of that, makes your hair amazingly soft. It also can be used on your guy to shave his face but most don’t want to smell… Well, girly. So there is a male version. The female Coochy comes in great scents like grapefruit, green tea, pear berry, pomegranate and, of course, an original scent. Definitely should be on your “to buy” list.

Now this is a bad-ass item. Matthew and I love LOVE candles. Seriously. And this is a soy based candle. Key word? Wax becomes massage oil that doesn’t, shall we say, stick or dry. Which is key. Especially since after a massage one of two things happens… Sleep or sex. The oils in the candle make your skin softer and it never gets above body temp… NO BURNS! 😀 It’ll give you about 20 massages which is awesome. And totally sets the mood for a romantic night in. I suggest pairing it with a fluffy robe, bubble bath, spaghetti and, of course, soft candlelight.

Pheromones are amazing little things that guide your sex drive. That is known. In Basic Instinct, there is a unisex pheromone that reacts to your copulis (the female pheromone that we excrete natural to attract men) and a mans androstenone. In plain English, you will smell sexy. You will feel sexy. And it will pay off. A waitress using Basic Instinct can get higher tips. (We all could use a bit of that). Also, sex hormones relax those around you, potentially de-escalating a sticky situation. Best of all, it blends in with your lotion and perfume seamlessly. Good places to apply this is to the pulse point on neck and wrists, behind the ears and onto the collar bone.

Vanilla Bondage. Seems like a scary title and looks just like an ice cream tub. (Yum… Ice cream.) What it really is, is a bunch of silky ties and a blindfold in a neat, hide-able package. And for beginners in the bondage world, its absolutely perfect. The ties can be easily chilled by being put in the freezer for a few minutes or wrapped around a bag of heated rice to be warm against the skin. And can I mention, its vanilla scented? But don’t take my word for all of it… Try it yourself!

Body Bling. Its a glowing, bronzing powder that shimmers ever so slightly. But then all night it can be nibbled and licked and it still stays so silkily glittery in that simple, feminine way. You can mix it with your favorite clear lip gloss and make this neutral lip gloss that tastes amazing. The flavors in this wonderful gem is vanilla and cinnamon (like the sweet cinnamon in your cinna-toast, not like the jar in your cabinet).

Sadly, we might not always be in the mood to immediately get at it and go. We have depression medications, birth control and stress that severely dampens our sex drives. Say. No. More. X-Scream is a very… ahem… Rollercoaster cream to boost your drive with a mint base. When you begin your foreplay, a little dab on your clitoris and upon your man should do just the trick and next thing you know… You get the picture. It comes in bubble gum, cool mint, chocolate and vanilla frosting. Its a pretty high dosage and there are two lower ones. One of them is for those sensitive to these kinds of creams and the other for people who aren’t familiar with these creams yet. A 1 oz. bottle is about 3 months worth of product.

The “dirty deed” is done. And now, you have a wet spot the size of China and you both are tired. You do the fight for the dry side and one of you ends up landing in it, kinda cringing. Well, cringe no more my friend. Between the Sheets is AMAZING. It takes that doomed wet spot and dries it up like magic, giving your sheets this silky, pheromone enriched feeling. And it doesn’t just do that, but also can be used as a subtle air fresher for your home, office, car or any where you need it. It doesn’t stain your sheet and comes in scents like Seductive Sage, Fresh, and Pure Cotton. (The Sage smells AMAZING!)

Last but not least is my favorite item as of recently, and I cannot get enough of it. (Honestly!)

I had a little bottle from a sample. Just one little bottle. The flavor has been discontinued (aww… Bye bye Blueberry!!) but it is by far a favorite of mine at least. (And he didn’t complain… 🙂 ) To start, its a little cool and with a bit of friction, it gradually warms up. It doesn’t burn, just a pleasant warm tingle which is air activated. Its safe on poly-urethane condoms and inside of our very pH balanced vaginas. It is sugar free but totally doesn’t taste like it. Its about four months worth of product in a 4 oz. tube but if you’re like me… It ain’t gonna last that long with mouthwatering flavors like candy apple, hot buttered rum, cocoa, original, peppermint patty, spice is nice and strawberries and whipped cream. Its all natural and totally will blow both of your minds.

On their website they have many different toys and product available that I couldn’t even begin to name. They have dual actions that are nothing short of mind blowing and a few items to not only spice up your sex life, but send it hurtling into space.

So heres a pretty good deal. If you order from my dearest friend Amanda, she will have your item to you as soon as possible and with a 10% discount by saying you heard from this site. You can book parties if you are local and if you are across the country it is no problem. It will get to you I promise! She can give you more specials and deals (trust me, she always has at least 1 hiding somewhere) and that is only available if you call, text or email her. By ordering off of the website in general, you cannot receive any form of discount.

So here’s her contact information. Get in touch, have fun and remember to always love yourself FIRST!


Call or Text: 765-602-5979

Her personal consultant page:
Amanda Brault for Pure Romance

And the shop:
Shop Now!

Have a wonderful night from this MWIT,