Wearing a shirt, clinging to my soldier.

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Crawling Across Sand to Sunshine

Just got in Tennessee a few days ago and, sadly, this is my first opportunity to post. I look like Keith Richards on a good day, and have that Nikki Sixx hair that makes me drooool. The bed is soft, warm and loves me as I sit cross legged on the bear comforter. Suction, that little grey cat that Soldier and I created in Build-A-Bear is wearing combat fatigues and laying beside my foot. If I could snap my fingers and you’d be here, my wouldn’t that be a dream?

You said your dream last night was that I returned to your apartment, and you had a bubble bath ready on a scalding level (because only I enjoy scalding water. I never told you why, but I’ll explain in the next paragraph) in which you lit candles and murdered the lights. You joined me and we cuddled, connecting on another “naked together but not having sex” way. Then you admitted you forgot the rest of the dream but you can assume where it went.

I love the scalding water (because I promised to disclose) because it was the best way to get rid of my pain. Both bodily and in my soul. I’d turn the water as hot as possible hoping to blister off these touches that tainted. Hoping to erase memories. And as time went on, the water grew hotter and hotter until now, the room will fill with steam and still I am not satisfied. They have excellent water heaters here in Tennessee. I can’t even get it to go all the way over.

“Crawling Across Sand to Sunshine”

Give me a smile to steal
and carry inside my heart.

I promise this isn’t the last
song I will sing to you in the

dead of the night.
This is the wonderful beginning.

These are the hopes, my
wide awake day dreams,

the wishes we swore went into
fountains everywhere on borrowed change

and onto the wings of airplanes
or shooting stars.

Watch as the world collides with the sun,
You swore you love me until this deed is done.

Watch my lips,
they whisper “This is enough.”

I can’t walk, so I run.
I can’t speak, so I scream.
I can’t just touch, so I love.

(Much love, details and pictures later.)

Carpe Diem

Lemonade, Love and Poetry

She sits crossed legged,

Feeling good about the storm outside,

Feeling peaceful in a tank top and Christmas pants in the midst of July heat,

Scene hair in a pony tail, she drinks lemonade,

Pens out poetry on a decrepit desktop,

And feeling the words flowing out of her fingers in a predictable stream.

She feels at home,

Even when he isn’t.

She feels perfect and beautiful,

Because she tells herself so.

Two hands grasping the neck of a future she craves,

She won’t let these words escape her now.

She’s got a heart of gold,

And a mind trap of steel.

Blood flowing through her veins,

Its screaming “CARPE DIEM!”

So she kisses him long and full.

Her soldier tastes the coconut rum,

And falls deeper in love.


White Dreams, Several Scenes

Hair perfectly curled,
Lips painted a shade of red,
Her smile bringing hope.
In a white dress, she’s in love.
For once, her pained past is gone.

His tie is straight,
His eyes focused on his bride.
Heart chomping harshly,
At his self imposed bit; Smile.
Because his future is here.

Two hands interlaced.
Two hearts willing to be tied.
Lips touch, and create fire.
She can’t turn away from him.
He can’t stand to forget her.


She picks up markers,
A few strokes creates a masterpiece,
On her mother back and fathers face.


Capture Me

In a room so warm, she whispers
“Capture me…”
He wonders what she means,
but thinks its only a dream.
Until she whispers again,
“Capture me…”

She hands him a camera,
“Capture me!”
And her laugh floats on a breeze.
Piña colada scented, Miami speeds,
“Capture me!”

She dives behind trees,
“Capture me.”
Sending a challenge to the twins she birthed,
Both his pride and joy,
“Capture me.”


The Soldiers Girl

Every moment, I hold my phone to my heart
Hoping this next: Call
Carries the news that “I love you, I’m ok.”
How long could my heart beat alone without you?
Because surely this silence is going to kill me,
Kill me softly and silently.

But the hope,
Its so much easier to embrace,
Than a cold pillow,
In wishes that it was you.

My poor heart,
Wanting to run to you,
And not finding you in any place it looks.

Traces, traces,
Paces, paces.
So it ends up racing.
Racing down back roads and highways.

It controls me now.



Snow caresses smiles,
Bringing a soldiers heart home,
To embrace his love.

Her grin shines above,
Stars are dim compared to her
Happiness consumed.

When they meet, the world
Stops spinning and explodes, and,
Creates shooting stars.



Farewell, dear heart.

Goodbye, you have left me so soon.

Fleeing my body to join another far above the atmosphere.

Inhale the freedom,

You served me well.

Heart, I hope you smile in heaven,

While I exist down here.

Heart, can you catch a few shooting stars up there?

Send a few down to me?

I need a thousand to light my dark path home.

So goodbye, my heart.

You fled my existence in joy.


Morning Starshine

Good morning starshine in the
middle of the night.

Your eyes open at
the sounds of romance.

I feel your heart, beating wildly
against my chest.

Had you ever noticed that
I only smile around you in the

Midst of the night?
And you are the only thing I feel like waking up to.

Despite my nails sending
long awaited shivers down your spine.

I’d spend all my life
soaking up your time.

So good morning my
my star shine,

I want to be your warmth
in midst of night time,

Forever, forever, I
desperately need you.



High above cities and towns,

Skyscrapers rearing silver heads to skies,

Howling its inhabitants cries to the moon.

And the moon doesn’t listen,

Its too busy chasing the sun across the sky,

Filled to the brim with chocolates and promises.

The oh so feminine moon,

Oblivious to its billions of lovers.