Wearing a shirt, clinging to my soldier.

The Girl Behind The Mask


I am Breanna. Aka Brea. Aka “Pretty Kitty Choir Girl”.

I am days shy of a landmark birthday at the moment that I started writing this about me page.

I am dating a soldier of whom I am proud of. He has not been deployed yet but the date has been set and this blog is set up to help me deal with in words the stress of staring at the military every where I go.

I am a poet, a writer and an artist in the highest respects. My service lies with the United States Food Service Industry (XD Bahaha) and with my troupe of rag tag choir girls. I am a senior “officer” persay and do very rigorous training in and out of season to stay on the top of my pedestal. I am very insecure as a rule due to previous abuses I have faced. My maturity is well beyond my years.

I have a dog named Heiro and SHE is 3 years old. Her birthday was May 18th, 2008. I received her before we discovered my disabled fathers brain tumor. I have always taken care of my father who was disabled before the time of my birth in a car accident. He has decided that he will not have it operated on unless completely necessary. Heiro is the bonding glue that has kept my family smiling and laughing though sometimes we have nothing to smile about.

My mother is hardworking at the cost that I never see her. I miss having her around but it is the most that I can do what with my hectic work schedule and hers.

I do in fact have a half brother of whom communicates seldomly. I enjoy these random Facebook chats and wish for things that may or may not ever happen. The one wish is that he will come to my graduation. Of course I will not voice this aloud and have been forced by my own soul (curse you soul!) to post it here.

I believe that covers a few basics and a few tmi’s but it is sufficient enough to satisfy.

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