Wearing a shirt, clinging to my soldier.

Happy February?

To the few subscribers I do have, Happy month of superbowl and cheap conversation hearts! But mostly happy month of doomsday!

I call it doomsday because in 2007, my ex was almost in a car wreck that could have claimed his life, but instead took the lives of a teacher and a student at Maxwell Middle School.

2008? Alone. Boyfriend dumped me on that date.

2009? Fever of 104 and Chris cheated on me.

2010? Too late to fix things. Got a bag of chocolates. Opened and halfway gone.

2011? Matt just came home from training. We celebrated with work. Later that week we made a tradition of “Doomsday” where we did romantic things.

2012? Going to go see STAR WARS IN 3D!!!!

That? Its my current song obsession. What? This video makes me bawl.

Matt’s laying on our bed, going to be awake in 5 hours. Me? Staying up. Later tonight we will head to a close friends and “party” into sunlight. I keep looking at wedding stuff and nursery “porn”. God, I want this future so bad.

So what happened since October?


1. The military released them from orders.
2. The military changed their minds.
3. I gave blood!
4. I was diagnosed with severe anemia after said giving blood.

5. My car battery died with NO WARNING!
6. Matt lost his job.
7. Brea stressed herself sick.
8. Lets throw in a pregnancy scare or two…
9. …and some major pregnancy envy…
10. Oh and a marriage of a close friend. Yesh.

Almost deserved a rage comic….

12. Some dramaness

And so here we are. Fresh(ish) slate.


This is Matts. He jams to it. I could live without.

So… to the new people I shared this blog to, welcome to how messed up your friend really is. Sorry about that. I’m working on cleaning up. But here is the place I will never lie.

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