Wearing a shirt, clinging to my soldier.

23 card spread

1 cosmic influences beyond human control, what lies beyond the mind; reversed death

Someone refuses to budge, even for their own good. Possible loss of friendship. Beware of accidents.

2,3. Current vibrations and influence on the situation in question; 8 of Cups, Reversed Temperance

Don’t walk away from a situation before it is completed; Don’t turn your back on success
Disharmony; frustration. People working at cross purposes

4. recent past; 5 of Pentacles

Indicates errors and missed opportunities leading to financial trouble.

5. near future; The star

Hope, inspiration from an unexpected source. Foundation sound, change is natural and balanced. A bright future in store

6. moderate past; Reversed 4 of Rods

Progress in small increments. Searching for a lost object

7. modearte future; The Empress

The power of motherhood, earth and practical wisdom. Beautiful and bountiful. Mother of all. Luxury, abundance and pregnancy

8. what has been; 9 of Pentacles

Wisdom, knowledge and talent are present but no love life. Success, recognition and wealth wiwll follow

9. What is coming to be; 10 of Pentacles

Life is full, wealth will be passed down. the family is safe and secure

10. Who you are; 5 of Cups

You feel remorse over severed relationships and unfulfilled dreams

11. What you are; 7 of Cups

A dreamer who is building castles in air instead of on the solid ground

12. who you trust; 8 of Swords

A difficult situation that cannot be ignored

13. who you serve; 5 of Swords

A victory without peace

14. hidden influences; The Tower

Radical transformation

15. projective influences; Reversed 3 of Swords

Confusion and disorientation. Set some priorities and your worries will disappear

16. The Challenge; Reversed Judgement

Stop delaying the inevitable. Indecision leads to missed opportunities

17. the puzzle; 7 of Pentacles

Things will happen, but not now.

18. The burden; Page of Cups

Unexpected news is on the way

19. The task; Queen of Rods

Bring light and love to those around you

20. The problem; 9 of Swords

The night is darkest before the dawn. Action is the antidote to worry.

21. The solution; 8 of rods

The pace is changing, so do not be left behind

22. The source and core of the situation, conflict, can relate to people involved; Knight of Pentacles

Taking responsibilities seriously, and finishing what you start

23. synthesis, the conclusion and result of the situations presence and influene upon the people involved.; Reversed King of Cups

Watch out.


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