Wearing a shirt, clinging to my soldier.

Tomorrow is here.

Tomorrow has come.
The training is done.
Shoulder your weapon soldier,
Here’s your marching order.

Give her the words and tell her to be strong.
Give her the kisses and support she pleads for.
Watch those beautiful eyes fill with tears.
Watch her heart shatter.

Say the words she can’t think of.
Rub the shoulders that will forge their way to you.
Army strong wife. Army strong girlfriend.

Which am I, my love?
Who am I becoming?
For the oceans wide and I felt foreboding.

This morning I put a heart over Indiana,
And one over The Middle East.
I wrote “half of my heart is here”
And felt like it was a million years away.

You won’t spend valentines day with me.

You won’t watch my senior concert in person.

You won’t go to prom with me.

You won’t see me graduate.

Our one year will be spent 7,000+ miles apart.

I’ll start college alone.

I’ll be alone.


God… Protect him. Please. I’m begging you.


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